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  •  Feb 15, 2017
The Manchester Evening News has reported that police began to block off several roads around the Mancunian Way bridge after a suicide man...
  •  Feb 15, 2017
Future fans will be delighted to hear that the Atlanta rapper is releasing a new album which is set to be released on...
afro love 2
  •  Feb 14, 2017
Here’s a mix of old and new Afrobeats soundtrack for the lovers mixed by DJ Neptizzle!
stormzy - first things first
  •  Feb 14, 2017
This morning (14th Febuary), Stormzy’s front door was destroyed by the police for what he claims was for no reason at all. Stormzy...
Credit: Courtney Francis
  •  Feb 14, 2017
You can only attract fans if they know you are there. In a crowded industry it’s probably a good idea to be consistent...
  •  Feb 14, 2017
Nadia Rose wishes everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day with a new track, ‘Breathe Slow’, ft. Junglepussy.
  •  Feb 14, 2017
Jordan King has released a new track entilted, ‘How To Love’.
  •  Feb 14, 2017
Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I know some of the mandem and the ladies will want to begin their night by setting the mood…...
nicari - the come up ep
  •  Feb 13, 2017
West London’s Nicari was the headline act for ‘The Come Up’ show that was recently (11th of Febuary) ( hosted at the Camden...
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