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  •  Nov 8, 2016
Childish Gambino is expected to drop a new album at the start of December. An anonymous source spotted a sign at his local FYE indicating...
  •  Nov 8, 2016
Looking for a good vibe this Sunday? Check out Art Breeds Creativity, a celebratory event of music & the arts in London. The...
  •  Nov 8, 2016
Paigey Cakey talks loosing her virginity, the friend zone and more as she caught up with Arnold Jorge, Tasha Demi, Aaron RoachBridgeman and...
  •  Nov 8, 2016
Rappers with lyrics centred around crime or a criminal lifestyle are often met with resistance from the police. Constant attempts are made to...
  •  Nov 8, 2016
Following several funny ‘Mannequin Challenge‘ videos, this one has got to be the best one!  
  •  Nov 8, 2016
Even though this won’t effect the U.K, it’s still worrying that Donald Trump could potentially be the president of The U.S.  Several stars...
  •  Nov 8, 2016
16 years after the killing that shook Britain to its very core, BBC One aired their hard-hitting feature-length drama telling the tragic story of Damilola...
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  •  Nov 8, 2016
Earlier this week, late night listeners of Empire LDN Radio were treated to a series of exclusives from North London rapper Richy. This...
  •  Nov 7, 2016
London has appointed its first ever night tsar, comedian and broadcaster Amy Lamé. The new role, which is essentially acting as night mayor,...
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