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  •  Oct 22, 2014
What a massive night for  UK music! The 19th annual MOBO Awards was a special one and saw a lot of artists from...
  •  Oct 22, 2014
T-raw makes major moves to further distance himself from the YOUNG MONEY crew, which doesn’t come as a surprise as he called them...
1-1-1-Kanye West_05-10-2013
  •  Oct 22, 2014
“Sometimes, I don’t talk the most politically correct whatever the type of shit,” the rapper-producer said in a video posted by MTV News,...
  •  Oct 22, 2014
Meridian Dan drops So Much Cash. The Tottenham MC released his latest track yesterday, receiving its first spin on DJ Cameo’s #GimmeGrime. So Much...
  •  Oct 21, 2014
Nobody can forget the moment Nicki Minaj dropped her controversial video for Anaconda, and the New York rapper is back with a hot...
  •  Oct 21, 2014
Making light of an increasingly deadly disease, Dipset rapper Cam’Ron has decided to take matters into his own hands when it comes to...
  •  Oct 20, 2014
Our writer Saquib caught up with the talented Derby MC Eyez to discuss his new mixtape ‘Taking Control’. The rapper has been causing a...
Klashnekoff & Caspa
  •  Oct 19, 2014
Klashnekoff links up with dubstep ghost Caspa. The hip-hop veteran of Jamaican-English heritage Klashnekoff, recently linked up with dubstep DJ and producer Caspa....
  •  Oct 19, 2014
Hip-hop innovator Ghostface Killah and jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD will be releasing a joint album early next year. Staten Island born rapper and Wu...
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