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  •  Oct 6, 2014
RUMOUR has it again that Khloe is not a real Kardashian following Kris Jenners’ recent interview with Italian American Journalist Giuliana Rancic. In a past episode...
  •  Oct 6, 2014
J Cole, Raekwon & T.I Will Be Featuring on LL Cool J’s New Album Several years since LL Cool J announced his last...
  •  Oct 5, 2014
French Montana has finalised his divorce from Nadeen Kharpouch this week, but issues during their marriage are continuing. The latest story alleges that friends...
  •  Oct 5, 2014
Mariquse Jackson posted a picture with Floyd Mayweather on his Facebook account. Despite his father’s fued with Mayweather, Marquise posted the picture onto two...
  •  Oct 3, 2014
Eyez announces he won’t be clashing again. The East-Midlands based artist recently appeared on Don’t Flop, where he battled Leeds rhymer, Dialect. Earlier...
  •  Oct 3, 2014
Afrobeats sensation FUSE ODG will be releasing his first album entitled TINA on the 2nd November 2014 !!! The 26 year old South...
  •  Oct 2, 2014
Mikel Ameen grabbed the attention of Ms Lauryn Hill this weekend as he Wowed her with a special back stage performance after her concert...
  •  Sep 29, 2014
Grime pioneer Ghetts will be touring the UK in three weeks. The once N.A.S.T.Y. crew member, known for his conscious, insightful and even...
  •  Sep 26, 2014
Spoken word artist George The Poet has previewed his debut EP. The North Londoner and Island Records signed act premiered The Chicken and...
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