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  •  Oct 11, 2014
Former Nickelodeon actress Amanda Bynes has stated that all of the ordeals she has gone through of late are due to her father’s sexual abuse...
  •  Oct 11, 2014
After the infamous drugs scandal last year between Mike GLC and Tulisa, he has released a full diss track My Little Sister: Tulisa...
UEA Awards
  •  Oct 10, 2014
Stage It Write and Productive Promotion founders have come together to form UK Entertainment Awards. UK Entertainment Awards is a new platform launched...
  •  Oct 10, 2014
Just 2 weeks after filing for a divorce rumour has it that Amber and Wiz are getting back together. This comes as quite...
Standup comedian Doc Brown
  •  Oct 9, 2014
Comedian and once rapper Doc Brown will feature on this week’s Soccer AM. Doc who has featured in TV programs such as The...
10727740_350785395099289_26943844_n (1)
  •  Oct 9, 2014
British television drama series Top Boy receives support from Young Money’s Drake. The Canadian rapper, posted on Instagram earlier this week: “Top boy...
  •  Oct 8, 2014
ADAM DEACON director of Anuvahood is on a rampage today as he claims on twitter that the writer and actor Noel Clarke has...
  •  Oct 6, 2014
RUMOUR has it again that Khloe is not a real Kardashian following Kris Jenners’ recent interview with Italian American Journalist Giuliana Rancic. In a past episode...
  •  Oct 6, 2014
J Cole, Raekwon & T.I Will Be Featuring on LL Cool J’s New Album Several years since LL Cool J announced his last...
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