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  •  Nov 28, 2016
Four days until the anticipated British comedy film The Weekend hits our big screens and we are extremely excited! In Cinema (2nd) December...
  •  Nov 28, 2016
To celebrate Trey Songz turning 32, here’s Link Up TV’s TOP five videos from the singer.
  •  Nov 28, 2016
P Money’s first album Live and Direct was exactly that, ‘live’ due to the effortless punchlines and veteran content we’ve come to expect and ‘direct’ because...
  •  Nov 28, 2016
Made In Chelsea star Olivia Bentley has been filmed snorting what appeared to be drugs with her friends. In the video obtained by...
baby kanye
  •  Nov 27, 2016
Chicago rapper and Grammy award winning songwriter Rhymefest have teamed up with Kanye West’s charity ‘Donda’s House’ to purchase Ye’s childhood home and convert the building...
  •  Nov 27, 2016
British shoppers spent millions on this year’s ‘Black Friday’ sales – will we be spending as much on ‘Cyber Monday’? Black Friday is a shopping...
big bums
  •  Nov 27, 2016
Scientists have recently claimed – women having a little more junk in their trunk could be the key to having a healthier, happier...
  •  Nov 27, 2016
The first time I set my eyes on Shae at the ‘Art Breeds Creativity’ event I knew she was going to be something...
  •  Nov 26, 2016
On tonight’s show, Honey G’s performance was lit up by the arrival of hilarious pranksters that were branded immature ‘randomers’. We can now confirm that...
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