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  •  Mar 25, 2014
After months of “Are they?/Aren’t they?”, Rihanna added fuel to the fire by showing up to support Drake on the London leg of...
  •  Mar 25, 2014
The fashion and music tycoon, Sean Combs, who is also current owner of TV and online cable network, REVOLT, decided to change his...
Cash post
  •  Mar 25, 2014
Just as things were on the up for South London rapper Cashtastic, it looks as if he could be in a spot of...
  •  Mar 25, 2014
The production, recognizable talent and variety of impressive collaborations meant that Rick Ross’s highly anticipated Mastermind  album lived up to expectations. Reaching number...
  •  Mar 22, 2014
Harlem rapper/singer Azealia Banks promises to release her forthcoming debut album, Broke with Expensive Taste. Initially the album was supposed to be released...
  •  Mar 20, 2014
Rick Ross is on the promo tour for his new album, Mastermind,   in the UK and he stopped by the BBC Radio...
  •  Mar 19, 2014
Good news for all you Adam Deacon fans because it looks like a sequel to his comedy smash Anuvahood is on the way!...
  •  Mar 19, 2014
Starred Up is the new gritty and frank British drama which follows the story of Eric Love (played by Jack O’Connell), a 19...
Chris Brown Court Appearance
  •  Mar 18, 2014
R&B singer Chris Brown was last week kicked out of a rehab facility and has now been ordered to stay in jail for...
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