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Fabric Live
  •  Jan 8, 2015
Are you ready, cuz?! The grime vet returns to shake up London over by the east side as Kano takes up the mic...
Sony NW-ZX2
  •  Jan 6, 2015
Technology giant Sony reveals its latest Walkman. The Japanese multinational corporation, presented its latest gadget the NW-ZX2, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)...
  •  Jan 5, 2015
An arrest warrant has been issued for actor and rapper Adam Deacon. The 31-year-old actor was due to appear at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court,...
Saquib Speaks poster
  •  Jan 4, 2015
For the second year running our writer Saquib wanted to offer up his alternative to MTV’s Best of Best MCs list as he...
raze the bvars
  •  Jan 3, 2015
Razor has earned a solid fanbase due to his unique blend of deep lyricism and revealing personal stories. It’s already been over a...
England Press Conference
  •  Jan 2, 2015
Fanatical football fans will have a fit about what LUTV presents to you. If you have not heard so already, captain of Liverpool...
  •  Jan 2, 2015
YOU could feature in a new comedy-drama web show. We are looking for a bright and budding young team of TV/sketch enthusiasts who...
  •  Jan 2, 2015
For the first time! 2014 was a good year for music and also holds the title of being the first year where British artists...
  •  Jan 1, 2015
South London rapper Stormzy has had an amazing year. From the massive success of his ‘Dreamers Disease‘ EP, to winning his first MOBO. We’ll...
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