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  •  Nov 6, 2016
For those who don’t know, The ‘Mannequin Challenge’ is the latest trend that is taking the internet by storm. The ‘challenge’ attempts to feature...
  •  Nov 6, 2016
The latest viral challenge taking the Internet by storm will leave you frozen in time – or at least appearing to. Several people...
  •  Nov 6, 2016
Essex based Artist and Designer Mister Westrup has had Twitter followers going crazy over his ‘UK Scene’ image. The talented artist drew the likes...
  •  Nov 6, 2016
LMAO. Donald Trump was rushed off stage at a rally in Reno, Nevada, Saturday night while in the middle of a speech…
  •  Nov 6, 2016
After a woman found our her man was cheating this is what happened…
  •  Nov 6, 2016
William Hill are speculating on the inclusion of Coleen Rooney (Not Wayne lol) in the line-up for I’m A Celebrity and she is...
  •  Nov 6, 2016
After taking a break from music to undergo cancer treatment, award winning Grime veteran MC Stormin dropped his newest project entitled ‘Be Right Back’ documenting his battle...
  •  Nov 6, 2016
Nao otherwise known as Neo Jessica Joshua, pronounced Nay-o is this Sunday’s Soul Singer. Bought up in East London, this beautiful soul is...
  •  Nov 6, 2016
Last night Bronx rapper French Montana dropped his long awaited project ‘Mac & Cheese 4′. One of the tracks ‘Check Come’ which was...
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