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  •  Dec 19, 2016
Joe Budden speaks his mind on the latest episode of ‘MTV2’s Hottest MC’s’ by revealing what he really thinks of Drake’s tracks this...
  •  Dec 19, 2016
Well this isn’t the ideal situation, since it’s just before Christmas! Rob Kardashian revealed on Saturday on Instagram that fiancee Blac Chyna had left...
  •  Dec 18, 2016
Young Soul and Jordan Morris have joined forces for their new project entilted, ‘Eros Avenue’. The 5-track EP is a great winter gift,...
  •  Dec 18, 2016
2016 has been a massive year for the UK, in every genre, a true revival from Grime to hip hop and now Afrobeats,...
  •  Dec 17, 2016
Security footage shows CeeLoGreen in a recording studio using phone when it suddenly blew up in his face! Security footage shows #CeeLoGreen in...
shelling season
  •  Dec 17, 2016
Blacked Out and Murky Records’ Shelling Season is back for part three this Sunday at Shoreditch’s Miranda Bar in Ace Hotel showcasing the future of...
  •  Dec 16, 2016
Following his time in prison, Skye has slowly started to make a name for him self as an artist. The rapper has released...
  •  Dec 15, 2016
Dylan Williams is ending the year with a bang! The 23-year old rapper will be dropping his debut project ‘DRiP’ on Friday the 16th...
  •  Dec 15, 2016
Well this isn’t going to end well… Floyd Mayweather dissed Connor Mcgregor via Instagram live by calling him a ‘B**ch’. The former professional boxer...
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