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Thursday 31st Oct 2013
After his video, The Insight on Link Up TV people have been questioning whether Squeeks is set to face jail time and today those rumours have been confirmed. A tweet from Squeeks‘s...
  •  Aug 20, 2013
With a short film and official video for headline track already out, The Weeknd has dropped the tracklist as well as the official...
  •  Aug 16, 2013
After a difficult year for N-Dubz songstress Tulisa, the end of a week brings another blow to the self-proclaimed Female Boss. The latest...
  •  Aug 16, 2013
Day 3 of  World War Kendrick finally sees a change in the tides, with many rappers now siding with Kendrick and praising the...
  •  Aug 16, 2013
By now we all know who Drake is right? Well this month he managed to snag another cover of premier hip-hop magazine XXL....
  •  Aug 15, 2013
Another day and ‘World War Kendrick’ rages on, with more bitter MCs taking out their frustration on Kendrick Lamar,  whose recent comments have...
  •  Aug 15, 2013
While everyone is still buzzing of the storm that is, Hurricane Kendrick, some more exciting news approaches us this week with the release...
  •  Aug 15, 2013
2013 has so far proved to be a testing year for N-Dubz, which in turn has undoubtedly had a negative effect on their...
  •  Aug 14, 2013
The last 24 hours have been pretty big for hip-hop with Kendrick Lamar getting just about everyone to throw a fit, so here...
  •  Aug 13, 2013
It seems like it was only yesterday that Ja Rule and Ashanti were dominating the r&b airwaves, but after a stint in jail...
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