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Still riding of the events of his kiss with Madonna at Coachella, Drake has been gearing up for the physical Collector’s Edition of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. The physical release has been...
  •  Sep 24, 2013
The last couple of weeks have been great for the Play Dirty’s Krept & Konan. Not only did they make history by reaching...
  •  Sep 24, 2013
Here’s how you can tell Drake makes great music. Watch any interview he has EVER done, and see Drake lose all credibility, poise,...
  •  Sep 24, 2013
After owning the summer with his first solo release in over seven years, Justin Timberlake has returned to further dominate 2013. Clever marketing...
Giggs smilling
  •  Sep 23, 2013
Having had previous issues with the police, Giggs took to his twitter to let the fans know that his  October 15th show has in...
  •  Sep 22, 2013
UK rapper Sway took to Twitter today to announce his engagement. The Still Sway artist tweeted: “Thankful for this new chapter. Last night...
  •  Sep 22, 2013
The last few years have been pretty tumultuous for Chris Brown. This doesn’t include the notorious incident with Rihanna,  no actually this is...
  •  Sep 22, 2013
Eminem unveiled the artwork for upcoming album The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The hip-hop heavyweight took an unusual method in premièring the art...
  •  Sep 21, 2013
Sadly this week, another artist, hailed as one of the UK’s most talented young emcees, Depzman, was fatally murdered on Friday after attending...
  •  Sep 21, 2013
In October and November, two of the UK’s biggest acts were to set to join forces and tour the country, however, that unfortunately...
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