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Tuesday 27th Aug 2013
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Wednesday 21st Aug 2013
Many were eagerly awaiting Chip’s Fire In The Booth  but I don’t think anyone expected the end result. It all started fine with Chip typically dropping some FIRE before the controversial moment began. Tottenham...
  •  Mar 4, 2013
Casio welcomes you to the 1st G Shock session of 2013 on Friday 8th March. The strong line up of artists performing on...
  •  Mar 4, 2013
Dubbed by many as one of the hottest rappers in America, Moroccan-born rapper French Montana is now looking to cement his progressive reputation...
  •  Mar 3, 2013
Wiley’s eighth studio album The Ascent  boasts strong features both from the UK as well as the US and is arguably representative of Wiley’s continued growth as...
  •  Mar 1, 2013
After an attempt on Rick Ross’ life, French Montana becomes the target of a drive-by shooting. French Montana was the target of a...
  •  Feb 28, 2013
It’s probably fair to say that Beyonce is arguably the most popular woman on the planet at present. Last weekend tickets for her...
  •  Feb 27, 2013
Lil Wayne has spoken out on what must be one of the most awkward musical beefs in history, after Pop star Pitbull produced...
  •  Feb 27, 2013
So far this year there have already been several American music stars touring venues across the UK. Now, R&B singer The Weeknd has...
  •  Feb 26, 2013
In recent months, rapper French Montana has extensively talked up his debut album Excuse My French – even audaciously declaring that the LP...
  •  Feb 22, 2013
Hip Hop legend Nas has been confirmed as one of the acts at this year’s Glastonbury Festival! Following in the footsteps of Jay-Z,...
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