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  •  Sep 2, 2016
Wiley’s well anticipated eleventh studio album ‘Godfather’, which is due to drop on the 28th of October, is now available to pre order on...
Alicia Keys
  •  Sep 2, 2016
The MTV VMAs! So much happened and it was so much better than last year. Rihanna had an eventful night, performing four medleys...
  •  Aug 29, 2016
Picture this: you’re posted up on the block at the end of a hot, sticky summers day. It’s dusk, the sky is turning...
  •  Aug 24, 2016
Giggs‘ latest album ‘Landlord‘ loaded with all its ‘braggadocios’, gritty street level rap has ascended to the chart highs of number 2 best-selling...
  •  Aug 22, 2016
For all the fearless, alpha male posturing that comes with the grime scene; there has always been one thing the genre as a...
dizzee rascal
  •  Aug 17, 2016
‘Boy In Da Corner‘ dropped July 21, 2003 and 4 Music got Dizzee Rascal to come down to their studio for a ‘hang...
Giggs smilling
  •  Aug 16, 2016
  Giggs just dropped his new album ‘Landlord‘ and people love it. Amidst all the praise and hype is a review from NME’s Louis...
Zombie Knives
  •  Aug 15, 2016
A legal ban on the sale of so-called “zombie knives” is set to come into force in England and Wales later this week....
  •  Aug 15, 2016
Fabric first opened on 21st October 1999; though it started as an idea many years prior. The building alone took over three years...
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