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After his video, The Insight on Link Up TV people have been questioning whether Squeeks is set to face jail time and today those rumours have been confirmed. A tweet from Squeeks‘s...
  •  Jul 24, 2013
UK veteran Akala is presenting a unique insight into the genre that we call hip-hop on August 2nd at the world renowned Southbank...
  •  Jul 24, 2013
2013 has been about innovation in hip-hop, Kanye dropped an experimental album in Yeezus,  whilst Jay Z literally changed he rules with Magna...
  •  Jul 24, 2013
You don’t get to where Jay Z is by being tardy and according to one Roc Nation act, he makes all of those...
  •  Jul 22, 2013
Well it’s official, 2013 is the year of the rapper apology. J. Cole follows in the footsteps of Lil Wayne and Rick Ross...
  •  Jul 22, 2013
As sad as it is to see a legend such as Lauryn Hill in prison, she seems to be making the best of...
  •  Jul 22, 2013
Well here it is, we now have the official video for Kanye West’s Black Skinhead.  Those fortunate enough to have seen the leaked...
  •  Jul 18, 2013
UK rapper Scorcher has signed a new record deal with new cutting edge indie label, Soko Records and will soon release his first...
  •  Jul 18, 2013
Festival fever has taken over the capital this summer, with the biggest UK talent being showcased to thousands of revellers. However, yesterday So...
  •  Jul 15, 2013
Jay-Z today celebrated hitting the summit of the UK album chart for the first time with his newest album Magna Carta Holy Grail,...
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