Ice Cube: NWA Biopic Is Almost Ready


Compton rapper Ice Cube has revealed that the hunt for a director is on for the N.W.A. biopic.

During a press release for his upcoming film, 21 Jump Street, Cube discussed future projects including the rap biopic which is in the pipeline and set for a release towards the back end of 2012. MTV News have reported that Cube claimed that he is in talks with director John Singleton whom the rapper collaborated with in Cubes first feature film Boyz n the Hood.

We’re interviewing a lot of directors. I don’t want to say ‘yea’ or ‘nay’, but we’re interviewing directors. So, the movie’s in progress in this high speed, and its coming along. Hopefully, we get it done.

Ice Cube, real name O’shea Jackson has revealed that the script for the N.W.A biopic is about three quarters of the way there with the final word on production pending from the film company and the wait on a director being announced. Jackson has explained how doing this film is a dream come true for him and wants it to depict the realism of life under the N.W.A. name. The Cali rapper has also revealed how he wants only the very best to be apart of this feature, however he feels that using relatively unknown actors will be the way forward.

That’s the thing about movies: You have got to find the best people to do the role. It is going to be a role that I think is right for unknowns, people who you haven’t seen before. I think that’s the best way to pull this off.”

In other Ice Cube related news, the Westside rapper has also recently announced that he is working on the fourth and final instalment to the Friday series. Cube revealed that he is working on a script which is coming along nicely and hopes of bringing back Chris Tucker‘s character Smokey is definitely something that he is considering.

Shenahl Samarasinghe