Kanye West & Kim Kardashian To Launch Reality TV Show

Kanye Kim

As we all know Kim K and Kanye are inseparable – whether its a concert or cheering from courtside at a basketball game – these two love birds love each other’s company! Having said that, it’s also great business for the two entrepreneurs as they are regular headliners in the world of entertainment.

An inside source has spilled the beans on Kanye and Kim’s plans to launch their own Reality TV Show, according to Hollywoodlife.com . According to this insider, this new reality tv show will focus on Kim K and Yeezy’s lives, fashion and music:

The cameras will follow the couple as they travel around the world, primarily in London, Paris, Italy and New York, a source tells us. “They want to show the plush life of Kim & Kanye. Kris thinks Kim should focus more on fashion and develop a line with Kanye, since he is so heavily involved in that world.”

The insider cited that Kanye is all go for this idea and says that Kris ( Kim K’s mum and manager) hopes that the G.O.O.D Music rapper will convince members of his power circle, Beyonce and Jay-Z to get involved:

“Apparently Kanye loves the idea! Kris is hoping Kanye’s famous friends like Jay Z and Beyonce will be ok with being filmed for certain segments,” the insider adds. “Kanye really likes Kris, so he will try and make her happy”

If this idea does materialise, it’s expected to be a hit show on the TV screen as its concerning one of the most famous couples in Showbiz today. With their millions of fans across the world, and their huge influence in society, media, business, fashion and music, they will draw a huge crowd which also equates to huge revenues:

“Kris thinks this would bring in huge ratings,” the source says. “And lets face it the family has a $40 million deal with E! and they need to deliver the goods!”

Words by: Omar Hill

Online edit: Jay Wrighter