Ryan Leslie plans to release visual album


Following an encouraging response to tracks such as ‘You’re not my Girl’, ‘Quicksand’ and his renowned collaboration with Cassie on the track ‘Addicted‘, American Musician and producer Ryan Leslie, is set to grace the hometowns of his ever-extending audience, with his 2012 project; Les is more.

The Grammy and BET Award Nominee, who’s impressive portfolio consists of working relationships with the likes of Kanye West, Rick Ross and Mary J Blige, has been carefully crafting an album fuelled by visual content- the first of its kind to be released.

His latest venture successfully compliments his passions for aesthetic beauty- travel, foreign culture and beautiful women, and encapsulates the significance each construct has in presenting his unique and commendable musical ability.

Les is more will offer an intimate and visual take on the colourful and melodic compilation process of Leslie as an artist and producer, with tracks offering a two-part fly-on-the-wall style insight into the many inspirations which contribute to the sequence that is; production to final product.

Ryan Leslie is set to officially drop new material from Les is more at the end of December!

By Karen-Grace Siriboe

  • Anonymous

    Ryan Leslie is sooo talented!!! Can’t wait to see his comeback. Such an amazing artist and the beats are too sickkkk

  • Anonymous

    He’s Not the first to do this… Corner the Market 3 the Vixtape is almost identical… Its been out for months… Watch it @ Youtube.com/onlybusiness and download it for iphone, blackberry, and android now… Links are in the description of every video