Tulisa Granted Gagging Order Over Sex Tape


Tulisa Contostavlos has reportedly secured a gagging order for the alleged sex tape that featured a women with uncanny looks was leaked online this week.

The N-Dubz singer was shocked to find out that a sex tape had been leaked online featuring a female giving oral sex to an unknown male. After these allegations were met with strong comments denying that it is Tulisa, her team of lawyers and representatives ordered that a gagging order be put in pace by the High Court. The injunction will prevent anyone from publishing or disclosing the contents of the video to any one else in in any shape or form.

The UK website Pappzd.com was the first website to publish the sex tape but were later ordered to take it down after receiving a hand written Cease And Desist notice. Tulisa is yet to release a statement personally regarding the probable career killer, however cousin Dappy has already jumped ahead of the queue and confirmed that the man in the video is best friend and fellow band mate Fazer.

The Ex-Girlfriend of the pint size rapper from Camden has also spoken out of the comments made from Dappy claiming that the tweets that he posted on his Twitter page were in fact bogus and not those in which the Rock Star rap star had written himself. Team Tulisa have refuted all allegations and are holding all interviews and reports until the sex tape ordeal has passed.


Words by: Shenahl Samarasinghe

Online edit: Jay Wrighter