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Tulisa In Sex Tape Scandal

An alleged sex tape featuring N-Dubz leading lady Tulisa Contostavlos has been leaked on the internet posing a threat to the Female Boss‘ career.

Sex tapes of celebrities in the past have offered up some extremely hard core visuals, none more so than Paris Hilton‘s rise to fame with her starring role in ‘One Night In Paris‘, however the alleged sex tape scandal featuring N-Dubz star Tulisa is not one which will win any awards this year. A tape had leaked to the internet via showing the N-Dubz star to be performing an oral sex act on an unknown male and nothing more.

The tape itself appears to have been made well before Tulisa‘s magic makeover for her X Factor appearances. A youthful Tulisa sporting a bright pink ensemble with blonde hair performing a sex act on who is reported to be fellow band mate Fazer spends the entire video engaging in oral sex with the male. The website who uploaded the tape have made it known that this is NOT Tulisa, which leads us to believe that it is in fact Tulisa.

According to the web site, the video was filmed backstage at a concert via a Blackberry handset with the male character operating the phone. Reports are suggesting that man in the video is band mate Fazer, however this is untraceable as no shot of the male’s face was taken.

Tulisa‘s career is set to face a rocky period thanks to the leaking of this untimely video. The style icon is set to release her debut solo album over the coming months in addition to waiting for the call to return to next year’s X Factor, however she may have to re think her plans now.

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