Tulisa: My PA Will Interview My Future Boyfriends


Tulisa Contostavlos has revealed how she will be taking all precautions when getting close with anyone else in the future.

The Female Boss has explained how she will be getting her PA and best friend Gareth Varey to interview all of her future boyfriends in order to make sure that they are in fact the real deal and not out to create aggro for the former N-Dubz leading lady.

Tulisa appears to be yesterdays news after her recent sex tape exploits hit the internet last month with ex boyfriend MC Ultra. The North West London temptress followed up her infamous sex tape with her very own YouTube confession which appears to have done the trick with regards to her maintaining a decent level of respect amongst her fans around the world.

During a recent interview with Radio 1‘s Chris Moyles, Tulisa revealed that she will be handing her PA Gareth the responsibility of picking out her future boyfriends after the recent troubles that she has endured over her ex.

Gareth is a legend. He doesn’t leave my side and supervises dates. If i started seeing a guy he’d be on the first four dates, we come as a package. He’s just there. Gareth sometimes reads my messages, he even replies. I only hang about with people I don’t feel awkward around. I don’t let many people into my circle.

Mr. Varey might have his first task as Tulisa‘s boyfriend consultant after her recent link to Skins star Jack O’connell has been rekindled within the tabloids of late, however we are led to believe that this is all hearsay and rubbish after it was reported that Tulisa was ready to ditch her UK fans and fly the flag stateside.

Words by: Shenahl Samarasinghe

Online edit: Jay Wrighter