Tulisa’s Dad: Sex Tape Destroyed Our Family


Tulisa Contostavlos‘ father Plato has recently revealed how his daughters infamous sex tape had ruined his tight-knit family and brought everyone down.

The Sunday Mirror reported that Plato was distraught when he found out what had happened and was not pleased with how his daughter’s ex boyfriend had treated her after their long lasting relationship in which he treated him like a son.

What Justin did really brought the family down and destroyed us in some ways. Tulisa is strong but it seriously dented her confidence. I tried to speak to her about it but she was so upset she couldn’t talk. She was in bits. He has ripped her heart apart.

Tulisa has been on the receiving end of a negative media frenzy after her sex tape leaked online last month and has since obtained a gagging order preventing anyone from showing the tape. She has also been forced to swallow her pride and admit that the footage was genuine. Plato went on to discuss the details of Tulisa and Justins relationship claiming that the two were very much in love and marriage was even on the cards.

In Tulisa’s eyes he was the one for her. She wanted to marry him at the time. They had even talked about having kids. She never told me why they split up but whatever happened does not excuse showing an intimate tape to the world.”

It appears as the the sex tape saga has expectedly died down and with the help of her new single release and the backing from X Factor boss Simon Cowell, it won’t be too long until Tulisa has her career back on track again.

Words by: Shenahl Samarasinghe

Online edit: Jay Wrighter

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